Welcome to We are Winnipeg! I’m Geraldine, founder and creator of We are Winnipeg. This is a site that is all about the best of Winnipeg, including restaurants, hiking trails, breweries, family activities, festivals, neighbourhoods, events, public parks and more.

Behind every website are the people behind it. Well, in this case… there’s a girl behind it (that’s me)! And in this case, my story began when I fell in love with a Winnipeg boy while we were both teaching in China.

Having grown up in a fast-paced city like Singapore, coming to the prairies was a culture shock for a city girl like me. The weather was too cold (it’s summer all year round on the equator), the city skyline was flat (we have skyscrapers and high rise residential blocks everywhere), and you needed to drive to get anywhere (we have a very interconnected public transit system).

A bird's eye view of the many high-rise buildings in Singapore, which is a big contrast to Winnipeg's short and flat skyline!
For context: This is one of Singapore’s many neighbourhoods!

Here I was living in Canada, a place that was very different and I wanted to learn more about the city that I’m now living in! I didn’t want to be the person saying that there was nothing to do in Winnipeg, and there were very few websites about Winnipeg (I trusted) that weren’t produced by big media companies.

Most of the information I learned about Winnipeg was from conversations with family and friends, or good ol’ trusty Reddit and Google. I wanted to create a reliable resource that people could go to find things to do in Winnipeg, as well as learn about local events and happenings in the city.

And that’s why I created We are Winnipeg as an online destination to help newcomers and visitors alike to get to know the Peg better. Through this website, I hope to share my passion about Winnipeg and inspire visitors to explore our city on foot.

I hope you enjoy my website and find lots of fun things to do.

For all questions or comments regarding We Are Winnipeg, please contact us here.

Thanks and see you around!